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Add directory entry!
Upload your images, describe your business and enter the location.

This is how your listing will look like. You can upload up to five images like photos, adverts or logos. Your directory entry will appear as a complete page.

* = required fields

This service is free of charge
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Publish your directory entry free of charge for a period of 12 month. No subscription, no automatic renewal. After 12 month the entry will be deactivated. An extension can be booked afterwards at low flat fee costs.

Choose your image file (JPG, GIF or PNG). All entries require an image. For best performance you could reduce the dimensions of your image to a width of 750 pixel before uploading it. You can choose photos, logos, advertising images, graphics, etc.

Enter the headline for your directory entry. This could be the name of your business. The headline will be displayed in all directory teasers.

Enter your text. Describe your business. What kind of products or services do you offer?

Choose the country where your business is located.

Enter the name of a city, a town or the region where your business is located.

Choose the category that matches with your business. Choose 'miscellaneous' if there is no better match.

7Start date and running time
At which date should your directory entry start and how long should it be online?

Enter the URL for your business. This is the link to your website. Enter the URL including 'http://'. Example: http://www.example.com

9Address information
Enter address information that should be displayed with your directory entry. This address can differ from your invoice address.

Additional images?
You can upload 5 images. The first one is your main image, which will be shown on top. You can upload 4 additional images and enter a description for each of them.

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